September 20, 2022

Dear fellows,

I got great news for you all.

A fresh new THE STORE is online!

Every aspect of the shop has been reimagined to improve your customer experience. Faster, prettier, and way more easier to use and navigate!

Also, a new category is launched: DIGITALS!!!

Indeed, since now, you got access to the purchase of some original artworks in a digital form. These selected drawings will be available for download in High Resolution for a way more affordable price than the physical original artworks and without country restriction.

This will allow every one to purchase the artworks they like and use it as wanted:

– Print it to get it physically (Do not pay any shipping fees anymore for prints an get it immediatly)

– Use it as device wallpaper

– Use it for study

– Color practice for artists wannabes

Of course, these files have to be purchased for personal use only. Any commercial use isn’t allowed since they remain my own creation and property.


So, to set the ball rolling, my original pencil artwork “2B & A2 – Nier Automata” is now available in PHYSICAL and DIGITAL FILE.

And as promised, the digital file is way cheapier : 10€ instead of the 275€ for the physical original artwork.

An absolute way to acquire my work with an affordable price and show your support to my work.

Plus, every digital file purchased will remain available for download anytime with a customer account giving you access to your purchase library.

Now, you just got to discover this new category on the new THE STORE!



P.S: And remember, this blog is made for you! Don’t hesitate to comment, let your thoughts and like 😉


– Cre.O.N


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